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Giovanni’s Gems Slot Demo All Reviews

Giovanni's Gems Slot

Betsoft’s Giovanni’s Gems slot, in the footsteps of a gemstone hunter. Betsoft’s Giovanni’s Gems delves into the world of Giovanni, the gemstone hunter. This theme is highlighted through 3D graphics as well as sound animations and high-level background music. But beyond these few details, this slot machine also offers various features and offers gameplay that is still too unusual in the industry. The gains from here in a cluster. In order to see more clearly, focus on Giovanni’s Gems from Betsoft.

Betsoft Giovanni’s Gems: Symbols

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As usual with this kind of machine, we only note the presence of symbols in line with the theme. In the case of Giovanni’s Gems, it is logical that we find all kinds of precious stones there, ranging from citrine, through amethyst and sapphire, to ruby and emerald. Other less obvious symbols such as coal, a torch or a pickaxe are also in the game. In addition, we particularly note the presence of a scatter on this title, represented by Giovanni himself.

Features and Functionality

Source from MIB700 sites, Before going into the details of the features, you should know that the winning combinations on Giovanni’s Gems form in clusters. Broadly, this implies that 5 identical symbols connected horizontally and/or vertically, on the 7*7 grids of this slot are eligible for rewards. Here, the rotations are done by a cascade system.

Also note that the symbols that contributed to the formation of the winning combination explode and are replaced by others. This option increases the chances of obtaining a win without triggering a new paying spin.

A feature called “Giovanni’s Diamonds” is also included in this slot. It consists of transforming the “coal” symbol into a diamond each time it is adjacent to a winning formation. The thing to remember is that the “diamonds” are eligible for rewards with a single appearance anywhere on the grid, and this, without being arranged in a cluster for 2 or more diamonds.

Regarding the scatter, it also grants winnings with 3 or more appearances on the reels. This symbol also offers 7 to 50 free spins with 5 to 25 appearances on the grid.

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Gains in a cluster from here. Concentrate on Betsoft’s Giovanni’s Gems to see more clearly. We simply observe the presence of symbols consistent with the theme, as is customary with this type of machine. It makes sense that we would find many different sorts of precious stones at Giovanni’s Gems, from citrine to ruby and emerald to amethyst and sapphire. 

There are also other, less visible symbols throughout the game, such coal, a candle, or a pickaxe. We also like to draw attention to Giovanni personally serving as the scatter on this title. Also play several other slot games such as nostradamus slot and hainan ice to add to your slot experience.

There is also a “Giovanni’s Diamonds” feature on this machine. Each time the “coal” sign is close to a winning formation, it is converted into a diamond. It’s important to keep in mind that “diamonds” can occur anywhere on the grid and qualify for awards even if they don’t form a cluster of two or more diamonds.