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Blood Eternal Slot Demo Review: Symbol, Theme and Features

Blood Eternal Slot

Betsoft’s Blood Eternal slot, immersion in a vampire universe. Betsoft’s Blood Eternal slot machine is inspired by a fantasy universe. It features vampires. As with the majority of titles from this renowned publisher, this game benefits from well-crafted visuals as well as graphic and sound animations. Original and equally interesting features are also integrated into this slot. Betsoft’s Blood Eternal Review!

Symbol  and Theme Game 

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The symbols on Blood Eternal have been designed to be closer to the theme. In this, even the traditional card symbols present in it (10, J, Q, K, and Ace) feature a “vampiric” design. Unsurprisingly, these symbols are the least profitable in the game. As for the most lucrative, they are directly inspired by the universe discussed. They include a kind of vial of blood, a vial of holy water, a gargoyle, a cross and the representation of a mansion.

To the delight of players, there are also various kinds of special symbols on Blood Eternal: representations of vampires, humans and bats as well as a wild. Additionally, Blood Eternal features a 6-reel, 3-row grid with 30 paylines.

Features Game 

As its many special symbols suggest, Blood Eternal has a few features, starting with the “wild”. The wild can substitute for any symbol in the game, except the scatter.

Free Spins 

Source from thetechpledge sites, As for free spins, if this option is indeed present on this slot, it is however not activated through standard scatter symbols. Indeed, free spins on Blood Eternal are obtained thanks to the appearance of a “vampire” symbol next to a “human” symbol. This combination can only be formed on reels 2/3 and 4/5. During these free spins, several wilds may appear.

We also note the presence of “BAT” and “DOUBLE BAT” symbols on this slot machine. The thing to remember is that the “DOUBLE BAT” counts as double. A single payline can therefore possibly form a winning combination of 12 symbols instead of 6.

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Finale In Summary

This slot also has unique elements that are equally intriguing. Review of Betsoft’s Blood Eternal! On Blood Eternal, the symbols have been created to be more in line with the overall theme. Even the standard card symbols (10, J, Q, K, and Ace) have a “vampiric” appearance in this. 

These icons are, unsurprisingly, the least lucrative ones in the game. The most profitable are directly influenced by the cosmos under discussion. They feature a cross, a gargoyle, a vial of holy water, and an image of a mansion in addition to a kind of vial of blood.

To the joy of players, Blood Eternal also has a variety of unusual symbols, including images of bats, humans, vampires, and wilds. Blood Eternal also has a 6-reel, 3-row grid with 30 paylines.

If this slot machine does offer free spins, they are not untypically triggered by scatter symbols. The sight of a “vampire” sign next to a “human” symbol on Blood Eternal does, in fact, provide free spins.  You must play several other slot games, we recommend Age of the Gods Norse Book of Dwarves and Tinderbox Treasures Slot to add to your slot experience.

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