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Ogre Empire Slot Demo All Reviews

Ogre Empire Slot

There is nothing more fascinating than stories to awaken the passion for gambling that lies dormant in everyone. This concept inspired Betsoft to create the Ogre Empire slot machine. Immerse yourself in the time of the immense enchanted forests by discovering the game Ogre Empire. 

The legendary characters will be your faithful friends to help you try to win an interesting bet. On this title, the graphics, sound and symbols have been made with the greatest respect for its theme to motivate you.

Summary of what you need to know to get used to Ogre Empire

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With its colorful interface, Ogre Empire is a slot machine that will seduce you. Ogres, kings and jesters follow one another on the screen to allow you to bet in gaiety. At first glance, the change of day and night on the game will surely accentuate your desire to play. In this magic kingdom, you will have to manipulate 5 reels and 25 paylines with all green ogres. 

On your screen you will see several symbols like a king, a queen and the jester. There is also a diamond, gems, a mushroom and an ogre. On Ogre Empire, the standard symbols are represented by card faces, starting from Jack to Ace. As for the bets, even beginners will be able to play, as they start at €0.25 all the way up to €25 per spin.

The features that make the Ogre Empiré slot machine special

Source from tartblossom sites, The two built-in game modes are the ones that stand out on Ogre Empire. You have two distinct ways to play extensively on this title, Day Mode and Night Mode. When the day mode is active, your Wild symbol will be a rose flower. This expands and replaces the other symbols. 

The massive damage produced by the Ogre’s club will be covered by new symbols to show further gains. During night mode, the joker represented by the king and queen appears. There will also be a glittering flower as Wild. The latter will stretch to replace 3 symbols in Wild. Ogre Empire also has the Double Up option. As you win, you will have the chance to win more credits.


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Ogre Empire is a captivating slot game with a vibrant user interface. On the screen, ogres, kings, and jesters interact with one another as you place your wagers. At first glance, the game’s depiction of day and night will undoubtedly increase your urge to play. You must control the 5 reels and 25 paylines with all the green ogres in this magical realm.

The two built-in game types on Ogre Empire are what make it unique. Day Mode and Night Mode are the two different modes in which you can play this game extensively. Your Wild symbol is a rose flower when the day mode is in effect. The other symbols are enlarged and replaced by this.

A mushroom, an ogre, a diamond, and diamonds are also present. The standard symbols on Ogre Empire are represented by card faces ranging from Jack to Ace. With regard to the wagers, even novice players will be able to participate because they range from €0.25 up to €25 a spin. You also have to play of other slot games for example, Cinerama Slots and 5 reel drive slots to add to your slot experience.