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Bulletproof Babes Slot Demo: Battle With Warrior Princesses

Bulletproof Babes Slot Demo

The slot reels are loaded with Asian anime, Japanese manga, five warrior princesses, and earth elements. What do you think? Indeed, it is, as the five daring ladies in the Bulletproof Babes slot demo from Bodog’s in-house studio Bovada Gaming show as they unleash their special abilities in an action-packed reel clash.

Join the heroes on a high-volatility trip with wild substitutions and free spins rounds with multipliers for prizes of up to 40,000 times your line wager, or 2,000 times your cash bet in real money.

Not to be overlooked is the chance to win a random progressive jackpot, which starts at $1,000 and increases with each wager made by every player until it is arbitrarily triggered.

The five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, collectively known as Wuxing in ancient Chinese culture, were used to split the year into five seasons, each of which lasted for roughly 72 days. Wood corresponds to the spring season, which is linked with blooming and growth.

The five phases, which the Wuxing theory claims reflect the universe’s structure, are subsequently utilized, among other things, to define the energy flow in Feng Shui. Each element has its unique attributes, including colors, cardinal directions, and powers.

Bulletproof Babes Slot Demo Review

The five warrior princesses predominate the 5×3 reel set with 20 fixed pay lines, despite the fact that the term Bulletproof Babes may not directly refer to the ancient idea of Wuxing. An ancient Asian town with pagoda-like houses on both sides is depicted in a black-and-white background with a manga-like drawing technique.

The reels themselves have the appearance of floating rice paper scrolls, and each time you spin them, the ends of the scrolls appear to be sliding downward. Rolling noises strengthen the illusion even more. 

The most colorful elements of the scenario are the five warrior princesses and the pay symbols. They will suddenly appear with their preferred weapon following a huge victory.

Symbols and Payline

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Three to five matching symbols, or matching symbols plus a wild, must appear on a pay line only from left to right in order to win. Only two of the premium symbols will result in a consolation reward.

To win, a pay line must only have three to five matching symbols, or matching symbols and a wild, appear from left to right. There are just two premium symbols that will yield a consolation prize.

When you continue to click the spin button, the autoplay feature is triggered. You can play uninterruptedly for 5 to an infinite number of spins using a horizontal bar. 

When the feature is activated, the run ends automatically, but you can also end it manually at any moment. The game does not offer a double-up gamble option, thus any gains are final and cannot be increased through wagering.

There is no official Return to Player percentage (RTP) available, as is typical for games from this developer, but based on past performance, we predict it to be in the 95–96% area.

Paytable and Winning Combinations

The commonplace elements from Chinese mythology and culture make up the low-value symbols. They can be identified by the color of the background: Yin-Yang is black and white, a mountain is soil brown, a bonsai tree is green, a fire is red, and an anvil is metal grey. 5x to 25x your bet will be paid for a single five-of-a-kind. 

The premium emblems feature four warrior princesses: a red female brandishing Manriki chains, a green girl holding a magic staff, a violet girl brandishing a cutlass, and a blue girl brandishing a bladed sword. Five on a line will get you 50x to 100x your wager.

The Wild Mistress, who only appears on reels 1, 3, and 5, is the fifth earth element and the queen of the warrior princesses. She is held in a tone that is primarily brown. It fulfills all regular symbol substitution obligations as customary.

The slot machine also includes three unique symbols. The traditional Bao Quan, or fist-on-hand greeting in traditional martial arts, is used in the Girl Fight Game as a sign of respect for the adversary. Getting two or more will result in a scatter payout. The free spins are triggered by the bonus symbols Moon on reel 1 and Temple on reel 5.

Bulletproof Babes Free Spins Bonus

You must land the Moon on reel one and the Temple on reel five in one spin to start the game’s major feature. On each pay line that the Moon is connected to, a win equal to the line bet is given. The second screen of the game will feature all five warrior princesses. To receive between 8 and 25 free spins for your bonus round, choose one.

The Moon and Temple symbols change into wild symbols during the feature, giving players an additional chance to generate greater payouts. You cannot start a new round of free spins when you are already in one since their normal ability to start free spins is disabled.

When the Moon or Temple symbols appear, a progressive multiplier that starts at 1x grows by 1x until it reaches a maximum of 10x throughout the free spins round.

Bulletproof Babes Slot Demo Progressive Jackpot

It can be a good idea to keep an eye on the progressive jackpot while spinning the reels because it has the potential to reach high 4-figure and even low 5-figure sums. 

No matter the quantity of your bet, the jackpot can randomly start at the end of any spin in the main game. Before the jackpot sum is added to your balance, a popup with a congratulations message will appear. There is no necessary symbol combination.

Bulletproof Babes Slot Demo Mobile Version

Any desktop, tablet, or mobile device can play Bulletproof Babes. Through all platforms, the gameplay and graphics are exactly the same. Whether in portrait or landscape mode, the designers were able to produce a single interface that works on all platforms. Naturally, since both iOS and Android are supported, you can battle the five warrior princesses on almost any smartphone or tablet.

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The dramatic gameplay experience of the Bulletproof Babes slot demo will occasionally cause you to jump out of your chair as the warrior princesses come at random to mimic a fight. A dramatic soundtrack is included with the animation, which heightens the effect. Since the greatest winning potential lies in the free spins round and, of course, the progressive jackpot, the base game itself will keep you occupied just by guessing when they will occur again.

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